from the pastor

This morning at the 11:00 worship hour we will be baptizing two little girls: Eva Grace Koster and Mary Neal Dunn. As their parents bring them to the waters of baptism, they will also be affirming the promise to nurture their daughters in Christ’s holy church.

Looking closely at this baptismal question, you discover that the means by which this promise is fulfilled will come through “teaching and example” so their daughters may be “guided to accept God’s grace for themselves, profess their faith openly, and lead a Christian life.”

Across this past week, I have had the privilege to participate in Vacation Bible School. Kate Berry and I were the leaders of the Kindergarten Class. I have to confess that this preacher is EXHAUSTED and especially grateful for young Kate! However, in spite of my fatigue, I witnessed this baptismal promise being fulfilled. Beginning on Monday and progressing
through Friday, the story of God’s great love for us was shared with the children. Beginning with Adam and Eve, moving to the understanding of how sin broke our relationship with God, and, finally, how that relationship has been restored
through Jesus Christ, “teaching and example” were faithfully practiced.

I’m not sure where Eva Grace and Mary Neal will go in their lives. I don’t know if they will be accomplished singers or dancers, or whether they will become scientists who will discover cures for the most destructive diseases, or if they
will be led to become teachers or missionaries or preachers. I just don’t know;time will tell. What I do know is that both belong to God; the devil can’t have them. They are God’s.

And we, also, have a responsibility that they come to fully understand and accept this fact. It will be through our teaching and example! What we do here today is the beginning. May the journey for these two little girls be one of faith, hope, love, and joy!

Pastor Bob