from the pastor

The Promised Paraclete!

Imagine the mother’s surprise when her young son was up early, dressed, and begging to go to Church! When asked why he was so excited he answered, “because today is the day that the preacher promised to give us a parakeet!” Thinking back, she remembered the minister’s closing words, “Next Sunday we will talk about Jesus’ pledge to send the promised paraclete!

In the 14th chapter of the gospel of John, Jesus promised that after he left he would send the Paraclete – the Holy Spirit. The Greek word paraclete means literally “called to the side of.” It refers to The Holy Spirit and is variously translated as “counselor,” “comforter,” and “advocate,” highlighting that The Spirit has several functions. As Jesus prepared his disciples for his departure, he pledged to them that he would not leave them heart troubled and afraid. He promised God’s presence in the world so that they and generations to come would know of God’s love, mercy, and grace!

In this week’s lectionary reading from John the 16th chapter, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the Spirt of truth. The Life Application Study Bible suggests that the truth into which the Holy Spirt guides us is the truth about Christ and that the spirit helps us, through patient practice, to discern right from wrong. Speaking to those disciple’s present with him at that moment and speaking to his followers today, Jesus relates that the Holy Spirit will guide us in the living of our lives and equip us for the mission that lies before us.

Get up early this Sunday! Get dressed and come to Church! We will be talking about the promised paraclete! It’s Father’s Day and Trinity Sunday and we will give thanks for the many ways that we have been blessed by our earthly fathers , Our heavenly Father, Jesus ,His Son, and

the Holy Spirit !!!

--Pastor Bob