from the pastor

I want to express my gratitude to the members of the Mission and Outreach team who have organized this Mission Weekend. Yesterday, people of all ages gathered in Asbury Hall to package 10,000 meals for the Rise Against Hunger organization. The work that we shared in together will truly provide meals to those in desperate need of a meal.

Today, on this Mission Sunday, we are fortunate to have the Reverend Steve Hickle. Steve is President of WesleyMen

which is an affiliate of the World Methodist Council. The World Methodist Council is made of 80 Methodist, Wesleyan, and Uniting denominations around the world.

WesleyMen’s singular mission is to mobilize millions of Methodists to build a world-wide Wesleyan movement to end hunger. Through FastPrayGive, men, women, and youth are invited to Fast (skip) one meal per week, Pray for those who are hungry, and Give (donate) $2 which is equivalent to an inexpensive meal or cup of coffee. Each $2 gift is enough to provide seven meals (one meal per day) through their meal pack-aging partner, Rise Against Hunger.

Steve’s message is an important one for all of us to hear. We are indeed blessed to have him with us on this Mission Sunday.

Pastor Bob