from the pastor

Message from the Finance Committee

Once, after hearing my vexation about languid progress towards my next vacation, my law partner Tom Rhodes replied to me, in rather desultory fashion, “Well, everyone has to have something to look forward to.” With each passing year, I learn anew that looking forward is apropos of progress. Having a goal is essential for focus, whether it be passing a next-level exam, completing a work project, or reaching a milestone. Just as in our personal or professional lives, there are also goals to be reached in our spiritual lives.

For reasons known to all, 2020 has been a difficult year in the life of our church. But we should not be deterred, because we know of the great well of resolve and determination of our congregation. Throughout our church’s history, there have been plenty of periodic setbacks. Those in our church that faced those obstacles, regardless of era or circumstances, were of a mind: to have a goal, make a plan, and set benchmarks along the way. We should do the same in constantly striving for our present goals, pressing ever harder in the face of trouble and adversity. In light of all the hindrances we have experienced this year, the Finance Committee asks you, will you help us towards our goal?

Robert Rountree