from the pastor

This Way to Jesus

In the first chapter of John’s gospel, we read about a man named Andrew who listened to Jesus teach. The first thing Andrew did was to hurry and find his brother, Simon. He did what many of us are reluctant to do. Where was Simon? At home? Fishing? Imagine Andrew finding Simon in a fish market when he blurts out his first beautiful confession, “Simon, Simon, we have found the Messiah!” Then Andrew brought Simon to Jesus. Andrew had found something that could not wait. He was compelled to go tell his brother immediately, and to introduce Simon to Jesus.

This is a beautiful moment in the Bible. Andrew brought his brother into the presence of Christ. Andrew’s simple, thoughtful act of sharing with his brother is a poignant reminder to us that we in the world are not isolated individuals just existing alongside each other. No, we are a family, and life is better when we act like a family – loving each other, supporting each other, helping each other, respecting each other, treasuring each other, and like Andrew, bringing each other into the presence of Christ and the circle of Christ’s love.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski coached the Duke University men’s basketball team for 42 years. In Coach Krzyzewski’s book, Leading with the Heart, he shares what he has learned about leadership in basketball, business, and life. His philosophy at Duke was very simple, but very profound. In essence, he says to his team: “We are a family, so love each other, help each other, support each other. We are a family, so use plural pronouns. It’s not about ‘me.” It’s about ‘us,’ and what we can do together, so don’t do anything detrimental to our family.

“If two freshmen oversleep and miss the team bus, he doesn’t just deal with the two freshmen, he deals with the whole team. Why didn’t someone miss them? Why didn’t someone check on them? Why didn’t someone wake them up? If one of us is late, all of us are late! What happens to one of us – it happens to all of us – because we are a family.” Isn’t that a great philosophy for a basketball team – and a church? We learn it from Andrew! It is our responsibility, our privilege, our joy, to bring our brothers and our sisters into the presence of Christ.

Introducing people to Christ,

Pastor Jim