from the pastor

Throughout the Bible there are stories of people asking God to give them a “sign” for guidance. In Genesis 9, God sets a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant with Noah. In Exodus 3, God speaks from burning bush, giving Moses a sign
that he is being sent to Pharaoh by God. Judges 6 tells how Gideon uses a fleece seeking a sign of God’s promise of Israel’s deliverance. In 1 st Samuel 3, God speaks to the boy, Samuel, in the night, calling him to be a prophet. The sign of the Prophet Isaiah’s call is a temple filled with smoke. And in the Gospel of Luke, the shepherds it is a star shining in
the East that is the sign leading them to the infant Jesus.

Signs are used to call, to guide, to correct, and encourage. Perhaps, you may remember a sign that God has given you. I have.

I pass several churches on Tilghman Road on my way to work the office. It is always interesting to read the church signs in front of some of these churches. This past Tuesday morning I what was written on one sign really jumped out at me. It read: “Every saint has a past – Every sinner has a future.” That is absolutely true. But how does this future for a sinner begin? What’s the sign?

In Romans 10:1-15, the Apostle Paul is addressing the question of who “may be saved.” Paul writes that “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” He doesn’t stop there, but goes on and asks the question we all ask, How?”. “How are they to call on one in whom they have not believed? How are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard?”

Paul answers the question of “How?” with two rhetorical questions. “How are they to hear without someone to proclaim? And, how are they to proclaim unless they are sent?” We ask “How?” and already know the answer – it’s up to you and me – those who are followers of the risen Christ. Paul is giving us a sign that we are charged with the responsibility of sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

People are looking for signs every day. May the things you say, the things you do, the love you share be the sign leading others to faith in Christ.

Pastor Bob