from the pastor

The Rich Man and Lazarus

In a published sermon on this Sunday’s lectionary text one preacher states: “What parable would make a man with three doctoral degrees (one in medicine, one in theology, one in philosophy) leave civilization with all of its culture and amenities and depart for the jungles of darkest Africa? What parable could induce a man, who was recognized as one of the best concert organists in all of Europe, to go to a place where there were no organs to play. What parable would so intensely motivate a man that he would give up a teaching position in Vienna, Austria to go and deal with people who were so deprived that they were still living in the superstitions of the dark ages for all practical purposes. The man I am talking about, of course, is Dr. Albert Schweitzer. And the single parable that so radically altered his life, according to him, was the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

I have preached on this parable many times. I have always been struck by the powerful imagery that Jesus used to get my attention! But, in preparation for this Sunday’s sermon a thought has left me speechless... I Am the Rich Man!

Pastor Charles