Our program provides a thematic, interdisciplinary curriculum to nurture children and develop their creative and critical thinking skills. As passionate facilitators of the child's growth, our teachers design opportunities for students to become skilled problem solvers and inquisitive learners.

All classes share a monthly Bible theme and incorporate Christian values and beliefs in their daily lessons. Classes also enjoy special events such as holiday and end-of-the-year parties, our White Gift Program for the needy at Christmas, and graduation ceremonies for our Explorers' and Trailblazers' classes. Lunch Bunch, a program where children in our upper classes stay an extra hour to enjoy their home-prepared lunches and extra play time, is also offered.

All preschool classes meet 9:00 - 12:00 on their specified days.

The Trailblazers class meets from 8:30 - 12 Monday - Friday.

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Creative Beginnings

Our youngest students are unique individuals with growing abilities, desires, and emotions. Our teachers care for your children in a way that builds trust and self-esteem, keeping their senses engaged and their needs met in a safe, nurturing environment. The classroom encourages emerging visual, language, and motor skill development. The Creative Beginnings class is open to children who are 1-year-old by August 31st or earlier if they are walking.

Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday

Little Learners

Our little learners are inquisitive; they want to go everywhere and do everything! Our experienced teachers take great care to create a safe space for discovery, fun, and creative movement. Your child will find their voice, make new friends, and develop confidence in their new-found abilities. Little Learners classes are open to students who are 2-years-old by August 31st.

Monday & Wednesday


Tuesday & Thursday

Building blocks

Our building blocks groups are full of wonder. Children at this age learn by 'doing,' so our learning environment is built to use their natural sense of curiosity and exploration. Our teachers provide a curriculum that skillfully engages, excites, and encourages each child's imagination. Students will further develop their fine and gross motor skills, and academic readiness through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. Building Blocks classes are open to students who are 3-years-old by August 31st.

Tuesday & Thursday


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


Our pre-k program is focused on preparing children for kindergarten academically, emotionally, and socially. Pre-k is an exciting time for young learners as they further develop ways to express themselves. Their days are filled with busy explorations in art; building on new skills, such as reading and writing; and new discoveries in beginning math and science. Students will master the skills necessary to enter elementary school, and teachers will encourage each child to reach their fullest potential. Explorers classes are open to students who are 4-years-old by August 31st.

Monday - Thursday


Monday - Friday


Our kindergarten program promotes structured learning activities with opportunities for independent exploration. Our students learn kindergarten concepts and enjoy experiences, such as small group instruction and periods of independent learning. Areas of focus include:

  • Establish routines

  • Learn to use language purposefully

  • Build pre-reading skills by matching letters to sounds, and recognizing familiar words

  • Handwriting

  • Math (e.g. simple addition and subtraction, sorting and classifying objects)

  • Exploring the world of science through weather, cooking, and seasonal activities

  • Social skills, including mutual respect and collaboration

Our teachers will help students succeed by building self-confidence and instilling a love of learning that will last a lifetime. The Trailblazers class is open to students who are 5-years-old by September 30th.

Monday - Friday