2018 FUMC Scholarship Applications

Please click the appropriate link to complete an online scholarship application form. Remember, you can paste essay answers from a word processor program directly into the essay answer boxes. Don't forget to click Submit, after you've reviewed the application for completeness!


  • must be a member of FUMC
  • must submit a recent photo--professional pic not necessary
  • must submit a current transcript--copy is fine, official preferred

Submission deadline is: Tuesday, May 2 2018

High School Senior Application

College Student Application

If you have any questions about the application process or need assistance answering questions, please contact Jo Shackelford at 252-237-6121 or joshackelford@fumcwilson.org.

If you have technical questions about the online application, please contact the FUMC web team at web@fumcwilson.org.